2018 Betting Record

Below you will see examples of a good month of ATP and WTA tips.


Transparency is key,  It is clear that overall my results in 2018 were not great, I expect much better and am very confident next year will be much better. There were some great months in what was ultimately a very up and down year. Attached you will find images of each months results whilst below I have calculated the yearly yield for WTA and ATP, both were still in the positive, with ATP proving to be more profitable albeit over a smaller period of time.  


WTA: March-October 2018

Yield: + 0.91%


ATP: August-October 2018

Yield: + 7.18%


2018 was mostly a year of learning for me as it was the first time I have sent out tips to paid subscribers. Indeed I have learnt a lot and will put these findings into my tips for next year. I am very confident that my tips next year will be far more consistently good, that is my aim!


Yes, I have increased my prices for next year to more fairly compensate myself as this year I was basically giving memberships away as it was mostly a trial year. Next year prices will be much more on par with what others charge that provide a similar service. I understand if some of you will find that it is not worth re-joining next year, that’s fine! Again, I am confident I will make it worth while for those who do decide to sign up for next year.


Improvement for next year:


More analysis with tips, especially for larger plays

A more reliable, consistent betting system and service

More previews and analysis of matches


The key change in terms of betting strategy will be to have a greater variety of bets and multiple bets for the same play. In 2018 I mostly just sent out H2H tips but throughout the year I noticed that this is not the best option. For example when backing an outsider in the future, this will be split between H2H, set handicap and game handicap among other markets. This is because results have shown that a large number of outsiders just lose in very competitive matches, especially in women’s tennis, on my record they went down as a loss as I only went the H2H but by introducing set/game handicaps alongside the H2H some of the risk is taken out of the play and there will be less low patches. Further total games markets and first set winner markets will become a bigger focus.


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ATP August 2018 Betting Record: 

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